Blue Oak

Okay, here are my favorite photos from Blue Oak Reserve in Santa Clara County, which looks like this (Lasthenia californica, Goldfields, Asteraceae, Triphysaria eriantha, Johnny Tuck, Orobanchaceae, Lupinus bicolor, Annual Lupine, Fabaceae):


Some of pictures are favorites because the plant is cool and some are favorites because I like the composition.

First two pairs of congeners:

Gilia clivorum (Purplespot Gilia) and Gilia achilleifolia, (California Gilia, Polemoniaceae)

Nemophila heterophylla (Small Nemophila) and Nemophila menziesii (Baby Blue Eyes, Boraginaceae)


A couple  low-quality photos of tiny, but adorable plants:

Castilleja attenuata (Valley Tassel, Orobanchaceae), and Ranunculus aquatilis (Whitewater Crowfoot, Ranunculaceae)


A couple high quality photos of common plants:

Penstemon heterophyllus (Foothill Penstemon, Plantaginaceae), and  Drymocallis glandulosa (Sticky Cinquefoil, Rosaceae)

The lovely Papaver heterophyllum (Wind Poppy, Papaveraceae)


And finally, the extremely rare Lomatium observatorium (Mount Hamilton Biscuitroot, Apiaceae).


Whew! All caught up.








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